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The Scooping Tong Comes To Market

The Scooping Tong, from PDIS, Corp., is a new kitchen tool designed to help consumers tackle a variety of tasks in the kitchen. The tong recently made its debut at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago.

For example, the multi-tasking Scooping Tong can be used to scoop up sauce, pick up pasta or grate cheese at the same time while serving a meal. In addition, the mini grater tong is ideal for grating cheese and vegetables. The grater can be used to grate coarse or fine.

The Scooping Tong is available in 9-inch, 12-inch and 15-inch sizes. The bowl of the large Scooping Tong measures up to three tablespoons, 45 grams or 45 milliliters. The bowl of the medium Scooping Tong measures up to two tablespoons, 30 grams or 30 milliliters.

The Scooping Tong features a handle insulator that is made of no-slip grip thermoplastic rubber. The handles and bowls of the new tool are made of stainless steel.



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