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Aroma Expands Food Prep Electrics Collection


Aroma is making food prep easier for consumers with its expanded assortment of electric rice cookers that can also be used to prepare other dishes as well.

Among the company’s new multifunctional cooking appliances is its professional turbo rice cooker/multi-cooker that features convection and induction heating and has a capacity of 20 cups. According to Aroma officials, induction heating technology offers direct heat to the entire inner pot along and dual sensors allow for enhanced temperature accuracy.

The unit is equipped with the Sauté-then-Simmer (STS) feature along with several settings that include low, high, slow cook, porridge, grains and soup. The timer can be set 15 hours in advance and the Quick Rice feature is touted as a time-saving option for busy consumers.

The professional 3-quart multi-cooker uses pressure technology to cook food up to 70% faster than conventional cooking methods, according to the company. With the simple push of a button, the multi-cooker can be set to cook a variety of foods including rice, beans, beef, poultry and soup. The included STS technology allows the end-user to brown foods prior to simmering.

Rounding out the featured new cooking appliances is Aroma’s professional 12-cup (cooked) digital rice and multi-cooker that is offered with a ceramic inner pot. According to the company, ceramic is a natural alternative to cooking with pots that are made with other types of non-stick coatings and allows the food to be easily removed from the pot when the cooking process is complete.

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