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Peugeot Expands La Route des Epices Gourmet Collection


Peugeot has expanded its La Route des Epices Gourmet spice collection. The collection is designed to be used with Peugeot’s spice-specific mill mechanisms.

The company stated that the collection includes new offerings of peppercorns and spicy whole chilies, which are sourced in France, Germany, Malawi, Madagascar, Vietnam, Indonesia and the Himalayas.

“Consumers can take full advantage of our premium quality mechanisms to grind some of the best spices from around the world. Retailers can cross-merchandise our mills and spices to bring the Peugeot story to life,” said Yvette Laugier, General Manager, PSP North America, LLC/ Peugeot.

Peugeot has added Voatsiperifery, a wild peppercorn that the company said is described to be floral and sweet with moderate heat and pairs well with seafood, red meats and desserts. It has a suggested retail price of $33 for 190 grams.

Muntok peppercorns are described as aromatic with a creamy, hot flavor and pairs well with more delicate dishes. Muntok has a suggested retail price of $25 for 235 grams.

To complement Peugeot’s spice-specific chili mills, the company introduced Birds Eye whole chilies, also called Peri-Peri. They are said to have a fiery red color and spicy heat level of seven out of 10. They have a suggested retail price of $13 for 110 grams.

Rounding out the collection are aromatic salts and additional peppercorns including black peppercorns, coarse white salt, dry coarse salt, coarse pink salt and coarse wet grey salt.

Each spice comes in a canister with an airtight seal to ensure freshness. Peugeot’s La Route des Epices collection is available for immediate shipment.

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