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Delaney & Loew Thrives With Product Selection, Customer Service

Hand picked and tested, Delaney & Loew stocks a wide selection of kitchenwares across numerous categories to meet the needs of its eclectic community while focusing on customer service to make the sale.

The downtown area of Lawrence, KS, where the independent gourmet retailer calls home, is also home to award-winning chefs, Kansas University students and tourists. The kitchen store aims at providing a diverse product assortment, aligned with a good/better/best strategy, in order to suit each group’s individual needs.

“We like to have a big selection. I’ve always wanted it to be a place where you couldn’t see it all the first time. You come in and every time you come in you see something new,” said Katie Moore, who owns the store with husband Brad.

For the college student looking to give their dorm room that homey-feel, the couple stocks colorful baking accessories, aprons and Kansas University themed tea towels, while also offering basic kitchenwares for the penny-poor student, such as spatulas at just $2.99.

“I understand that college kids don’t have that disposable income but they also don’t want to get the same thing everyone else has. They want something a little different,” said Moore.

For its other local customers, the duo said that while they aren’t professional chefs, cooking at-home is a passion of theirs, and their product selections reflects those items they themselves have found useful.

“We bring a lot of stuff on based on the look and feel and whether or not we would use it. When we’re talking to a new customer we like to tell them that we’re not chefs, but we love to cook, and this is what we use in our house,” said Brad Moore. “People are always looking for that little tool that makes their life easier and we point them in the right direction that way.”

Being able to speak directly to a product’s uses and benefits is also part of the couple’s customer-service focused sales strategy. Having the two people in-store that have hand picked everything in the store “makes a world of difference,” Katie Moore said.

For that college student, for example, the duo said they are able to educate them on products that would suit dorm room living.

“Let us show you how our products can make it easy to cook in your door room or on a hot plate,” said Moore.

She added, “When you go into a store and nobody acknowledges that you’ve walked in — that is one of my biggest pet peeves. I’m a huge customer service fan. I want to let them get the feel of the store when they walk in. See the lighting, the TV with a cooking show or sports on, and then welcome them to the store and just let them know that I’m here to answer any questions.”

Product selection and customer service at the store also come together to form a unique shopping experience for customers. For example, the duo sets up product displays featuring a French press, mugs and locally sourced craft coffee beans, while brewing that coffee and offering customers a cup while they peruse the store.

“We’re really excited going into fall and being able to have people come in and get their cup of coffee and shop around the store on a cold morning,” Moore said.

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