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Kitchenwares Put Form, Function On Display In Atlanta

Form, function and a bit of fun will play a role in new kitchenware introductions at the Atlanta International Gift & Home Furnishings Market at AmericasMart this week.

With a focus on fresh designs and innovations, retailers can expect to see new offerings primed to make food, beverage and entertaining prep easier for consumers. Vendors are debuting problem solving gadgets and colorful new kitchenware accessories to offer buyers options to replenish 2016 inventories.


Cheese Vault_final_112015

CapaBunga is offering its Cheese Vault cheese storage solution, which is made of food-grade silicone and can store one large or two small pieces of cheese while allowing them to breathe. In addition, the container is designed to wick away excess moisture and keep the cheese’s flavors intact. SRP: $29.95.


FLORAL-COVER_SIPPERS-ambiance026_smallFLORAL-COVER_SIPPERS-ambiance026 (1)

Charles Viancin is showcasing the Sipper Straw set, which comes with two lids and two adjustable straws that are designed to protect drinks while entertaining outdoors and keep them cool. Each silicone cover has a tight-fitting hole to accommodate the matching, adjustable silicone and plastic straw. The sets are dishwasher safe, reusable and available in poppy, hibiscus and floral designs. SRP: $9.99.

The company will also feature its Art ice and candy molds. The molds are designed for ice on one side, while the other side is suited for candy and chocolate, so there is no flavor transfer between the two. The molds are oven, freezer and dishwasher safe and each makes 16 to 17 pieces. Available in heart, shell or flower designs, each tray has an SRP of $9.99.



Dexas is introducing new additions to its Jelli Granite collection, including cutting boards and serving items, such as salad bowls. The collection features the company’s translucent texturing technique with granite-like looks and finishes.



Kuhn Rikon is featuring its new corn holder set, which is designed with soft, textured handles. The company said the handles provide a comfortable grip and keeps hands clean. A corkscrew-style tip twists into the cob so the holder remains firmly attached. The corn holder design also allows them to be stacked together, which keeps them from getting lost in a kitchen drawer. SRP: $12.



Lékué is introducing two new silicone ice block shapes: a diamond and a sphere. Both include a leak-proof stopper to prevent contents, such as water, from spilling. In addition, the molds are designed to drop the temperature of a beverage quickly. The sphere mold resembles a golf ball, and when the frozen sphere is unmolded, it maintains the dimpled texture of a golf ball. The diamond shaped ice block adds a little glamour to a cocktail or mocktail, the company noted. SRP: $9 for one or $15 for a set of two.


Stainless Steel Garlic Mincer 1

Microplane is showcasing a suite of stainless steel gadgets. A garlic mincer has a square shape with rounded edges and is said to accommodate up to three cloves of garlic at a time. A new 2-in-1 herb mill, also in stainless steel, cuts herbs with a scissor-like action via the two mill blades, one of which is permanently attached to the base to make disassembly easier for cleaning. The mill includes a removable herb stripper with three differently sized holes.

The company’s stainless steel rotary grater features an extra large hopper to collect a greater amount of ingredients at one time, while its unique funnel shape has an expanded opening to ensure that grated ingredients dispense. The grater is operated once it is squeezed closed and a consumer rotates the blade using the side crank.



Totally Bamboo is introducing a new collection of licensed armed forces bamboo cutting boards and serving pieces. The line will represent the United States Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines. Each of the new military cutting boards will have an SRP of $30.

In addition, Totally Bamboo is adding a 13-inch cutting and serving board to its Tree of Life collection. SRP: $30. Currently, the collection, which features a design made of hundreds of images of tiny exotic and endangered animals to resemble the rings of a tree, comprises a 15-inch cutting board and a laser salt box.


ZK125_PolarPops_A 2

Zoku’s Polar Pops is a new popsicle mold set which includes arctic shapes, such as a parka-wearing explorer and his penguin, walrus, orca, seal, and polar bear pals. Part of the patented Slow-Pop collection, each Polar Pop mold is paired with a specially designed reusable stick shaped like fins, feet, paws or hearts. The sticks have built-in drip guards. The set comes with the base, six molds and six reusable sticks and are BPA and phthalate free. SRP: $16.99.



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